Welcome to jBackBrowse 1.6


What is jBackBrowse ?

jBackBrowse is a free cross-referencing tool for JBuilder. It makes it easy to search all the references (ie. uses) of any API and browse them. The search is fast, even for large projects. 

JBuilder has now (since JBuilder 6) the great "Find references" feature. However, jBackBrowse may still help you to search a lot of method signatures at the same time, with one click.

jBackBrowse can also be integrated with other IDEs with its API.

You are welcome to send bug reports and suggestions. Thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this project, you can download and build the latest source tarball and contribute too.




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jBackBrowse is © 2001 Fabrice Carnet. fabrice_carnet@users.sourceforge.net.

jBackBrowse is free and opensource, licensed under LGPL.

jBackBrowse uses the excellent BCEL (Byte Code Engineering Library) library.